Project management software that works directly with Slack

Busybot makes it easy to manage your personal and team tasks, directly in Slack. Turn any message into a task, and Busybot will automatically organize everything by channel.
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Busybot is free to use for as long as you want, for teams of all sizes.
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Create tasks directly in chat

Just type @busybot and the name of the task, and Busybot will create it and track it for you

Add more detail

File attachments, descriptions, subtasks, due dates, comments, labels, view a full task history (and more!)

Quick task cloning

Need to carry out the same steps? Create common task templates for quick re-use

Set your own reminders

Customise your reminders so Busybot knows exactly how often you want to be nudged

Organized by channel

Tasks are automatically assigned to the channel they were created in, and can be moved between channels as required

Easy to track

Open your Busybot app to track the progress of all tasks. Now your whole team is on the same page

Don't let important decisions get lost in chat history

With Busybot, your focus remains on what’s important.

Once you create a task directly in a Slack chat, Busybot will help you add other features such as an assignee, due date, sub-tasks and reminders. Need to be reminded daily? Want to snooze because it’s not important yet? Busybot has got it covered.

Busybot is free to use for as long as you want for teams of all sizes.

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